First Coast Sleep Disorders Center Information

Board certified sleep disorders specialists see patients at both the St. Augustine and Palm Coast offices as part of the sleep center.

All aspects of sleep related problems are covered.  Obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, daytime fatigue and abnormal motor activity during sleep are just some of the issues that are encountered.

Some of the sleep patients are referred for a diagnostic sleep study at one our sleep labs, which are conveniently located adjacent to our Palm Coast and St. Augustine offices.  The sleep labs are state of the art and have received national accreditation by the Joint Commission (JCAHO). Many insurance carriers require testing to be done only at certified facilities.

Not every sleep patient requires an overnight sleep study but if it is necessary comfortable surroundings and accredited sleep technicians help to make it as pleasant experience as possible.

Common reasons to have a sleep study include the diagnosis of sleep apnea and the evaluation for sleep related problems that may be causing daytime sleepiness or fatigue.  If a patient is prescribed CPAP or BiPAP (common treatments for sleep apnea) sleep studies are used to find the pressure requirements to initiate therapy with these devices.

Children as well as adults are seen at the sleep center.  Should a child require a sleep study special accommodations are made so that a parent or guardian can also spend the night.

Studies may be performed on weekends to accommodate patient’s varied schedules.

Bernard R. Borbely, MD is the director of the sleep labs. He is board certified in sleep disorders medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and is a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Sleep Disorders Board.  He is also a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He has two decades of experience as a director of sleep labs and sees sleep patients at the sleep center.

F. Dylan Moquin, RPSGT is the Sleep Center Administrator, Chief Technologist.  Dylan is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the American Association of Sleep Technologist (AAST).  He specializes in high-risk adult and pediatric polysomnography.

If you would like to personally view the sleep lab facilities, please contact one of our offices so arrangements can be made.


The Joint Commission may be contacted at for patient grievances that are unresolved by FCSDC or FCPA (billing issues will not be entertained by the Joint Commission).

Mask Fit Clinic

First Coast Sleep Disorders Center is proud to offer the areas only Mask Fit Clinic.

The clinic is for all sleep apnea patients who are not totally comfortable using their CPAP, BiPAP or other modes of nocturnal ventilation.

Clinic visits are face-to-face with a sleep disorders physician.

Each patient has a thorough customized evaluation and fitting of his/her mask interface, headgear, tubing, humidification system, ventilator settings and other related issues that may be interfering with tolerating sleep apnea therapy in comfort.

Detailed personalized recommendations and physician orders are arranged and carried out by our staff.

Patients will be followed up in the Mask Fit Clinic as needed.

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